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About Us
The story behind one’s name

One Tea House houses several brands such as Siang Ming (Tea), The Koningsplein Tea Co., and The “t” Story

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Each of these brands carries different tea products that range to your needs. Whether it’s Chinese Tea, English Tea, Indonesian Tea, Japanese Tea, Taiwanese Tea, or our Tea Blends; we carry both hand-picked and machine-picked natural teas in our tea house.

As for our tea accessories, most of our items are created uniquely handmade by specialized tea artists from different countries.



Siang Ming Tea

1Siang Ming was the first Chinese Tea store (company) in Indonesia when opened to the public in Winter, early January 1995. It focuses in quality hand-picked teas, artisans’ tea accessories, and the spread of Chinese Tea culture. After socializing the people about Chinese Tea Art & Culture throughout the years, Siang Ming came to a recognition in which proven to be able to spread the study of Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chado) as well.

The study of Japanese Tea Ceremony is still held by Urasenke Tankokai Indonesia (Japanese Tea Association of Japan). It is the only Japan’s tea organization in Indonesia whose Indonesia’s headmasters are directly appointed by iemoto (head master) in Kyoto, Japan. Urasenke itself has a long history of 600 years and has its branches spread in the whole world.


The Koningsplein Tea Company

2Serving since Winter, early January 2007 the company specializes in developing tea blends, house brands, and special packs and gifts for any occasions for both individuals and corporate. With tea associates from China, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan, it is a guarantee that all of our teas have been selected, tested, blended carefully to meet above tea qualifications.

Believing that tea represents / speaks all languages, we ‘intercultural’ our ideas to each box of our tea.


The “t” Story

3Life is about journey that can be re-told through stories. Each of us lead different paths to obtain what we seek, yet through tea we hope to walk on the “Way of Tea”. Thus The “t” Story came out publication in Spring, end of February 2012.

As the author of this story, we also cooperate together with and to support young Indonesian painter / musician who has devoted all his life in art and music. Each of our collections carries different painting so that you will be able to enjoy (and collect) them all. (Arteasan Tea)

For more details about our teas, tea gifts & souvenirs, wholesale teas, kindly Email us at inquiry@1teahouse or Whatsapp at +62-81299139683 or Wechat 微信 at thetstory.