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Autumn Gifts
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  • Autumn 秋

    Mooncake Festival is coming soon on this September 24th. Have you prepared your gifts for the occasion, or maybe you simply need to give for gratitude and joy?

    This Season all Tea & Coffee Gifts will be packed in golden bird cage with sakura flowers.


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    1. Hello Indonesia @ Rp. 399,000: 1 Indonesian Tea in tincan + 1 any tea box (except Taiwan Oolong & Tea Blends) collections with ceramic teapot.

    2. The Good Earth @ Rp.450,000: 2 of any of our Tea Blends in box with ceramic teapot.

    3. The Joy Luck Club @ Rp.399,000: 1 Taiwan Oolong in box & 1 Chinese Tie Guan Yin collections with ceramic teapot.


    Preferred teas

    Indonesia: Nawaruci Tea, Green sinensis, Red sinesis, Flowery Pekoe.

    China: Tie Gua Yin, Smoky Green Tea, Phu Erl

    Classic: Masala Chai, Earl Grey

    Tea Blends: No.01 Minty Oolong, No.07 Empress Oolong, No. 15 Autumn Story, No. 16 Blissful Berries, No. 25 The Konings Tea, No. 26 Peach Perfect


    Customized Gifts

    Make your own gifts according to your own budget starting from Rp.150,000 onwards with our selected tincans. (Black Tea tincan & Green Yuan tincan. Size: 10.5cm x 10.5cm x 10.5cm)

    1 tincan with 3 packs of 15gr -25gr of any teas of your preference, or

    1 tincan with 1 piece of Aged Citrus Phu Erl 10 years old. (limited stock)





    Tea & Coffee in Hands. 

    Rp. 275,000: Combine 2 boxes (2 x 100gr) of our chosen coffee with 1 box of any tea in a golden cage with sakura flowers.

    Rp. 399,000: Combine 1 box of our chosen coffee with 2 boxes of any tea in a golden cage with sakura flowers.


    Preferred coffees

    Sunda Arumanis, Peaberry Samosir, Flores Bajawa, Papua Wamena, Aceh Gayo, Nusantara Blend.

    Ground or Beans, the choice is yours.



    For details, email to; Wa: +62-81299139683; Line: 1teahouse; 微信: thetstory. Online delivery and/or by post to domestic and overseas are available. Free delivery within Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek) for purchase at least 2 gifts.




























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