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[秋] Autumn: Mooncake Festival

The enjoyment of mooncake festival when moon will reach its peak and showing its fullness throughout the night. While we usually enjoy the moment by eating something sweet, we are also accompanied by fragrant teas. Our selected teas for this Autumn are: (available on 50gr Tea Box / 15gr – 18gr Tea Bottles)

1. Oolong Teas. Options: Tong Ting Oolong Rp.225,000, King Shuan Oolong Rp.225,000, Gaoshan Oolong Rp.285,000;

2. Red Tea. Options: Thousands Miles Fragrant (Qian Li Xiang 千里香) with its flowery aroma Rp.185,000, Tie Guan Yin Rp.185,000, The 1684 Red Sinensis (fruity and flowery) Rp.150,000. Batavia All-Day (premium English Breakfast) Rp.150,000;

3. Genmaicha (daily Genmai Rp.185,000 or Genmaicha Special Rp.285,000)

4. Osmanthus Flowers / Blends. Options: Tea Blend No.05 Empress Oolong (Green Oolong + Osmanthus Flowers) Rp.185,000, Tea Blend No.07 Empress Oolong (Red Oolong + Osmanthus Flowers) Rp.185,000, Tea Blend No.18 Friendship Tea (Black Tea, Barley, Osmanthus Flowers) Rp.185,000, Pure Osmanthus Flowers Rp.125,000;

5. Lavender Flowers / Blends: No.02 Majesty Oolong (Oolong Lavender) Rp.185,000, No.12 Midnite Dream (Red Tea, Camomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers) Rp.185,000, No.15 Autumn Story (Black Rice + Lavender Flowers) Rp.150,000;

6. Indian Darjeeling Rp.225,000;

7. Spices Tea. Options: N°25 Konings Tea Rp.185,000, Masala Chai Rp.150,000;

8. African Rooibos Rp225,000.
15% for all Tea Box or Buy 4 Tea Bottles (15gr – 18gr each bottle per tea) FREE 1 Tea Bottle.
Individual Tincan @ Rp.125,000 consists of 8 Autumnal Teas (2,5gr each)
+ 1 Autumn Postcard (drawing depending on Tincan you choose)
2-in-1 Tincan Rp.250,000 includes of 16 teas (2 tincans – Photo below)
+ 1 Blooming Tea + 1 Autumn Postcard.
Box size: 26cm x 10,5cm x 12,5cm.
If you order this set, we will select any kinds of teas making up 16 teas for 2 tincans. You may also choose your own teas if you already know your own preferences.





Inquire us for details through whatsapp: 0812.9913.9683, or direct purchase at Tokopedia (T-Story):