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Nov Schedule
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    Welcome to Qi by Koningsplein Salon & Gallery (Tea & Coffee) at Bungur Besar, Gunung Sahari, Kemayoran.

    Our exact location is at Bungur Besar 17 No.7 B4, Gunung Sahari. Located opposite Golden Truly Mall and near Avia Tour (5 minutes walk).

    Since we only have limited seats and parking slots, kindly reserve your seats prior to your visit. Parking at Golden Truly Mall is an option who drives, or if you use train Stasiun Kemayoran is just walking distance. However, using online transportation can be the first alternative.

    After your visit, post your photos and tag us @1teahouse #koningsexp #thetstory.

    Enjoy your day. Enjoy your experience with us.

    Note: We may not update our schedule regularly. Kindly Line or Wa us for details.






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