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Give the fullest to others. Even a small gift or simple presentation can cheer one’s day.

In the mood for……


White Tea – Disc.15%

1. Longevity Eyebrows ‘Shoumei ‘寿眉’ @ Rp.150,000 / 25gr Tea Box (Origin: China. Taste: grassy and sweet after taste)

2. Longevity Eyebrows ‘Shoumei ‘寿眉’ @ Rp.150,000 / 25gr Tea Box (Origin: West Java, Indonesia. Taste: Cotton Candy and sweet after taste)

3. Denpasar Moon ’白月光‘ @ Rp.150,000 / 25gr Tea Box (Origin: Bali, Indonesia. Taste: green bean, fruity) @ Rp.150,000 / 25gr Tea Box

4. Silver Needle 银针白茶 @ Rp.150,000 / 25gr Tea Box (Origin: West Java, Indonesia. Taste: honey-like)


Sample Set 4-in-1 White Tea Set. Each tea 5gr @ Rp.200,000. (1 brewing @ 2gr with 70c water in a cup)




Indonesian Tea (loose leaves) – Disc.15%

1 . Batavia Ruby Moon Rp.150,000 / 50gr (West Java region. Milder version of The 1684 Red sinensis)

2. Nawaruci Black Tea Rp.125,000 / 50gr (Cocoa and spicy notes. Suitable for milk tea as well)

3. Honey Red Bush Rp.150,000 / 50gr (Bali origin. Sweet honey aroma and taste. Very suitable for cold brew)

4. Orange Pekoe Rp.150,000 / 50gr  (Premium Red Tea. Handpicked and high grown from Sumatra. Cocoa and slight fruity note) – NEW HARVEST!


Tea Blends (loose leaves) – Disc.15%

1. No.02 Majesty Oolong (Taiwan Oolong + Lavender) Rp.185,000 / 75gr

2. No.05 Empress Oolong (Taiwan Oolong + Osmanthus) Rp.185,000 / 75gr

3. No.07 Empress Oolong (Red Tea + Osmanthus) Rp.185,000 / 75gr

4. No.10 Timeless Grey (vanilla grey) Rp.150,000 / 75gr

5. No. 15 Autumn Story (black rice + lavender) Rp.150,000 / 75gr

6. No.25 Konings Tea (spices black tea) Rp.185,000 / 75gr


Indian Darjeeling – Disc. 15%

New Autumn Harvest @ Rp.150,000 / 50gr. Origin, Darjeeling, India. Taste: Nutty, Chocolatey. (90c water temperature)



Chinese Lapsang Souchong

Origin: China. Taste: Smoky, light taste. (90c water temperatue) A historical tea that seduced the west. Suitable to be mixed with milk and honey due to its taste.

Rp.185,000 / 50gr. Disc. 15%






For details, WA: 0812.9913.9683. Tea Gifts available.