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Black Tea
Phu Erl Tea

BBlack Tea – like wine, black tea can ferment itself through time. Black tea comes in 2 types: loose tea and compressed teas. While loose leaves types usually comes in 1 variation (un-crushed type), compressed teas vary from brick tea, round cake tea, and mushroom-type tea. (Both round and mushroom type available in small and large size). The age we are selling starts from 3 years old and above. For beginner tea drinker we suggest to start from young Puer (perhaps from 3 years old), then slowly indulging the older ones. (not vice versa) Use clay teapot to perfect your brewing with 100°C (or boiling) of water. Its best functions are to cleanse our digestion, lower cholesterol and fats, and warm up your body.


Phu Erl Daun (Loose Leaves)

1.  Phu Erl 3 years old 75gr @ Rp.185,000 (Loose Tea) 普洱3年


2. Aged Phu Erl 10 years old 75gr @ Rp.285,000 (Loose Tea) 普洱普洱10年


Phu Erl Segi (Brick Shaped)

1. Phu Erl Brick Shaped Year 2015 (Ripe Puer)-  250gr @ Rp.500,000 (Loose Tea) 普洱砖茶2015年


2. Phu Erl Brick Shaped Year 2015 (Raw Puer)-  250gr @ Rp.500,000 (Loose Tea) 普洱砖茶2015年

Tea Brick:

Cold Brew:


1. Phu Erl Round Year 2010 – 350gr @ Rp.1,300,000 茶饼2010年

100gr :

350gr (full 1 lempeng):


2. Phu Erl Segi (Kurma) Year 1990 – 250gr @ Rp.3,850,000 陈年普洱砖茶90年



TUO CHA / Mushroom – Shaped (SOLD OUT)

1. Phu Erl Mushroom-shaped Year 2003 – 100gr @ Rp. 1,000,000 陈年普洱沱茶2003年


2. Mini Thuo Cha Year 2010 – 8pcs @ Rp. 150,000 迷你沱茶


Citrus Puer Special

1. Citrus Phu Erl Excellent 1 piece 35gr @ Rp. 150,000 桔甘の普洱


2. Citrus Phu Erl 3 Years Old 1 piece 7gr @ Rp. 50,000  桔甘の普洱3年

1 Piece:

1 Liter Cold Brew:



To order, email us to (Email subject: Black Tea Inquiry) To easy contact us Add our Whatsapp: +62-81299139683 / Line: 1teahouse or wechat 微信: thetstory.

Tea Gifts available by request with no additional charge.

Koko Tea

Year 1996

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Phu Erl Sencha

Green Tea Phu Erl

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Citrus Phu Erl

2 Chinese Citrus in a Can Box.


10 years old 沱茶– available in 100gr.

Phu Erl loose tea

Excellent loose tea 6 years old 6年甘普洱(also available 10 years old) – available in 75gr.

Round-cake 5 years old

5年饼茶(also available 10 years old) – available in 350gr.