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Floral Tea
Tranquility in a cup

Floral Tea – a special kind of Chinese tea. Among all types jasmine is the most common of floral tea. The original making of jasmine is by steaming the pure jasmine flowers with green tea. This will not only stop the fermentation process from newly harvested green tea but also will create (and blended to be) a fresh tasting jasmine tea. Such a refreshing tea can relax your body and mind, stimulate body metabolism, and uplift your spirit. 70⁰C -80⁰C of water is the perfect temperature to brew jasmine tea. (Hot or boiling water will ruin the tea leaves and make it bitter in taste) Ceramic or glass is best utensil used.


*Our Dragon Pearl is seasonal as it is made out of white tea and hand-rolled.

75gr @ Rp. 250,000 / tea box (SOLD OUT)


Enjoy our Jasmine Tea that is smoked by jasmine flowers for longer hours, thus giving a longer lasting aroma with a hint of green tea.
75gr @ Rp.185,000

Tea Box:

Tea Bag:


Purple Rose is one of our special flower teas. No colouring, No additives. Pure purple rose flowers with its original rose aroma.
25gr @ Rp.125,000


Chrysanthemum Buds. It has slight sweet taste and less herbal aroma.
25gr @ Rp.85,000


White Chrysanthemum. It has slight sweet taste and less herbal aroma.
25gr @ Rp.85,000


Blooming Tea (Thousands Blossoms). Mesmerize with a single chrysanthemum that will bloom to ease your day. Free 15gr of Jasmine Tea for every purchase of this tea.

4pcs @ Rp.125,000 + Free 15gr Jasmine Tea.


Another floral (fruit) tea products:

    • Handcrafted Lychee tea* 荔枝红茶 75gr @ Rp.150,000 (Sold Out)

*Our lychee tea is made by deep-steaming between pure lychee fruits and red tea. It’s a drink that can’t be resisted. Add ice and honey to uplift your day.

To order, email us to (Email subject: Floral/Fruit Tea Inquiry) To easy contact us, Whatsapp: +62-81299139683 / Line: 1teahouse or wechat 微信: thetstory. For international shipping, inquire us for delivery fee.

Tea Gifts available by request with no additional charge.

For wholesale or horeca supply, please refer to our Wholesale section.

Jasmine Tea

75gr Tea Box

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Chrysanthemum buds

25gr plastic seal bag

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Lychee Tea

75gr tea box

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Purple Rose Buds

Available in 25gr

Dragon Pearl*