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White Tea
Elegant Beauty of the East

White tea – does not undergo any fermentation as well. It is considered as one of the rarest teas in the world due to its special appearances. (Fur on the leaves / pure white tea leaves / in some extent white tea hair that grows twisted in green tea.) Its infusion colour is crystal white – yellowish clear. Best for anti aging and relaxation. Since this tea is very light, cool-warm water is the best to brew white tea. Use fine ceramic to brew white tea to achieve the best test.


Longevity Eyebrows / Shoumei 寿眉白茶

Chinese Shoumei comes from Fujian province, China. With its rather unusual appearance (rough and old big leaves) yet it has strong grassy aroma with delicate sweetness after taste. Tea must be brewed using 80C-90C and using glass / ceramic teapot.

-  35gr  @ Rp. 185,000


Special shape Shou Mei White Tea

- 6 pcs @ Rp.100,000

1 piece is for a teapot / 350ml and brew with 80C water temperature. Refillable for about 3-4 times (depending on size of mug / brewing time)


Tea Gifts are available by request with no additional charge.

To order, email us to (Email subject: White Tea Inquiry) To easy contact us Whatsapp:+62-81299139683 / Line: 1teahouse or wechat 微信: thetstory.