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Classic Tea



Classic Tea is one of the most well-known teas all around the world. Therefore we are making our own Signature Classic Teas from these three collections: Darjeeling, Earl Grey, and Summer Passion Fruit.

Darjeeling is named after a region in India. It has several tea estates that plant this unique tea. The ‘t’ Story blends several estates into one and that becomes our Signature Darjeeling Tea. To brew, 1 teaspoon for a cup and infuse with medium hot water. We love it brewed for 25 seconds at first then 35 seconds on second brewing. Enjoy a strong black tea taste with a hint of fragrant peanuts.

50gr Darjeeling in tea box @ Rp.185,000

Tea Box:


Those who love Earl Grey must try our very own blend and best-selling Signature Earl Grey of all time. Perhaps its own bergamot taste that seduces its drinker, but as for The ‘t’ Story, it is our #Signature charm that captures its drinker’s attention.  Note: a lot of people love drinking it with additional milk. Maybe you should try it too, although pure hot tea can be nice as well. 1 teaspoon is enough for a cup of medium hot water. (*If you like Classic Tea, try our Tea Blend No.10 of T.Grey [Timeless Earl Grey] – a sweet and smooth Earl Grey). Refer to our Tea Blends section)

– 50gr Earl Grey in tea box @ Rp.150,000.

Tea Box:

Cold Brew:

Milk Tea:


Masala Chai. Originated from India, it consists of BOP Black Tea with assorted spices such as pepper, cinnamon, cloves, etc. To brew, brew with hot water and put a little bit of milk. Some people may like to boil it, some like to steep it for a while. How about you?

–  75gr Masala Chai in tea box @ Rp.150,000.


Summer Passion Fruit. A classic blend of red tea and passion fruit. A MUST TRY. You can enjoy warm or with iced.

–  75gr Summer Passion Fruit @ Rp.150,000. 

Tea Box:


Classic Red Rooibos. A classic blend of African Rooibos and a touch of vanilla.

–  50gr Red Rooibos @ Rp.185,000. (Sold Out)


These are the stories from The ‘t Story. What’s your story?


To order, email us to (Subject: Classic Tea inquiry) or Whatsapp: +62-81299139683 / Line: 1teahouse or wechat 微信: thetstory. For international shipping, inquire us for more info.

Tea Gifts are available by request with no additional charge.

For wholesale / cafe / hotel / horeca supply, please refer to our Wholesale section.