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Tea Blends
Blended through imaginations

Our tea blends are made out of imaginations and our concept store designs. We believe that tea can be enjoyed in any ways (but following the standard rule, of course.), thus we combine between one tea and another to reach its best possible taste. Either it’s west to west, east to west, or east to east type of tea, such combination turns out to be well – accepted by so many people. Tea, after all, is the language of the world. With tea, we live one in harmony.

Take 1 teaspoon in a glass or ceramic and brew using less than 90⁰C of water. Steep in for a while before you enjoy. Some of our tea blends can be taken hot / cold, sweet / unsweetened. The choice is yours.

Our Tea Blends:

  • No.01 Minty Oolong (Oolong Tea + Mint Leaves) 75gr @ Rp.185,000
  • No. 02 Majesty Oolong (Oolong Tea + Lavender Flowers + Sweet Grass) 75gr @ Rp. 185,000 *Favourite
  • No. 03 Give-me-Rose (Black Tea + Rose Petals) 75gr @ Rp.150,000
  • No. 05 “Green” Empress Oolong (Oolong Tea + Osmanthus Flowers) 75gr @ Rp. 185,000 *Favourite
  • No. 07 “Red” Empress Oolong (Red Tea + Osmanthus Flowers) 75gr @ Rp. 185,000
  • No. 08 Eight Treasure Tea / Ba Bao Cha (Eid Mubarak Edition / CNY Edition) 4packs @ Rp.125,000 ; 6packs @ Rp.185,000
  • No.10 T. Grey (Timeless Earl Grey) 75gr @ Rp.150,000
  • No.15 Autumn Story 100gr @ Rp. 150,000 (Black Rice + Lavender Flowers) 
  • No. 16 Blissful Berries (Mix Berries with Rose Petals + Marigold Flowers + Premium Black Tea) 75gr @ Rp. 185,000 *Favourite 
  • No. 18 Happiness Tea (Premium Black Tea + Marigold Flowers) 75gr @ Rp. 185,000 (Limited Stock)
  • No.20 Lemongrass Berries (Thai Lemongrass Leaves + Europeran Mix Berries) 75gr @ Rp. 185,000
  • No.22 Jakarta Thee – a blend of Jakarta June 22nd anniversary blend (Green Tea, Pandan, Chrysanthemum) 75gr @ Rp. 185,000 *Favourite
  • No.25 The Konings Tea 75gr @ Rp. 185,000 (Indonesia Premium Black Tea + Indonesia selected Spices + African Red Rea) *Favourite
  • No.26 Peach Perfect 75gr @ Rp. 185,000 (Indonesia Premium Black Tea + Marigold Petals + Peach Aroma) *Favourite
  • No.27 Spring Memoir 75gr @ Rp. 185,000 (Indonesia Premium Black Tea + Orange Peel + Osmanthus Flowers + Lemongrass + Peppermint Leaves + Rose Petals)
  • Taiwanese Goddess Rose Pearl: 10 premium nylon teabags in tincan @ Rp. 100,000 / 12 nylon teabags in tea foil @ Rp.100,000


To Order, email us to (Email subject:Tea Blends Inquiry) or Whatsapp: +62-81299139683 / Line: 1teahouse or wechat 微信: thetstory. For international shipping, inquire us for delivery info.

Tea Gifts available by request.

For wholesale or horeca supply, please refer to our Wholesale section.

Goddess Rose Pearl

10 premium nylon sachets

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