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Herbal Tea
Pungent tisanes


Basically those that do not come from Camellia sinensis family are not considered tea., such as these herbal flowers / leaves varieties. Tisane is the correct term to name those ‘teas’. However, a lot of people refer any of these as tea due to varieties of blending with tea (mostly black tea) available in the market.

To brew, take a bit of any chosen herbal flowers / leaves that you like and put it in a glass. Steep using 80⁰C of water for a while and enjoy your ‘tea’. Good leaves / flowers will leave memorable fragrant or taste in your mouth for certain amount of time. Some people love to add honey or ice; choice is yours.


Our collections menu: (loose leaves / tea / flowers)

1. Camomile Tea (Camomile Flowers blend with English Breakfast) 75gr @ Rp.150,000


2. Pure Camomile Flowers 25gr @ Rp. 125,000


3. Lavender Flowers 25gr @ Rp.125,000 

Tea Box:

Tea Blend in Box: (Favourite)

Cold Brew:


4. Osmanthus Flowers 25gr @ Rp. 125,000

Tea Box:

Tea Blend in Box:


5. Peppermint Tea (Green Tea blend with Peppermint Leaves) 75gr @ Rp. 150,000


6. Peppermint Leaves 25gr @ Rp.125,000

Tea Box:

Tea Blend in Box:


7. Purple Rose 25gr @ Rp.125,000 

Tea Box:

Tea Blend in Box:


8. Chrysanthemum Buds 25gr @ Rp.85,000

Tea Package:

Tea Blend in Box:


To order, email us to (Email subject: Herbal Tea Inquiry) To easy contact us: Whatsapp +62-81299139683 / Line: 1teahouse or wechat 微信: thetstory. For international shipping, inquire us for delivery fee. Tea Gifts available by request with no additional charge.

Purple Rose Buds

Available in 25gr

Lavender Flowers

Available in 37gr

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Peppermint Leaves

available in 37gr

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