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How tea relate to our surroundings.



Welcome to our T-Class.

Learn more about tea and its classic way of brewing tea of your preference(s). There are few different types of teas, thus each tea needs to be brewed differently.

We have 2 different classes: Private Tea Session and Business Opportuni-tea.
Private Tea Session suits best for you who would like to know more about tea and brew your special tea at home for your friends / family or guests, or even just to have a moment to yourself.
Business Opportuni-tea. See, you want to open your own tea shop (whether small or big) or a unique kind of tea cafe, so let us guide you to your most preferred lesson to achieve your highest opportunity. We will elaborate the most possible outcomes, visions, making tea recipes, etc.
OR simple for hotelier / restaurateur or anybody who wants to improve their tea quality and services.

When? From Monday – Sunday, from 10.30-18.30. (Times of your preference)

How many days?
3 times per lesson (Choose your own time) x 1.5 hours – 2 hours

Upon inquiry.

What you will get?
1. Knowledge about all tea (Chinese Tea, English Tea, Japanese Tea, Indonesian Tea) and tea wares used in brewing tea.
2. Learn the way of brewing every type of tea and the opportunity to brew tea by your own.
3. History of tea.
4. a 15% Instant Discount Card valid for a year for every purchase of our tea and tea wares in all of our shops.
5. Light snacks during lessons.
6. Tea Gift

How many persons in a class?
We love the class to be private. We do not mix unfamiliar groups together. Thus the class will be in individual group (up to 3 persons).

Inquire for more information. Write with subject “T-Class” with your details such as name, phone number, and purpose of learning (Choose which class is more suitable for you.) to or Whatsapp +62-81299139683 or Line: 1teahouse or Wechat 微信: thetstory .


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