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Cafe, Hotel, and Restaurant supply.

All of our teas are ready in WHOLESALE range as well. We have supplied to many cafes, restaurants, and also hotels throughout Indonesia.

The ranges vary from Chinese Tea, Taiwanese Tea, Japanese Tea, English Tea, Herbal Leaves, Fruit Tisane and our own Tea Blends; all in both loose teas (Teabag form under request). Minimum order is 2 kgs for loose tea. Variants can be mixed with minimum of 500 gr each.



  • Red Tea (Black Tea): 
  1. BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) – a rather broken type of tea due to cutting. English Breakfast type.
  2. CTC (Cut Tear Curl) – a sound shaped kind of tea. Strong in taste. For milk tea use.
  3. Fine Flowery Pekoe (FP). First Tea Buds. Soft and flowery aroma. Premium English Breakfast.
  4. Nawaruci Tea. Chocolate-y taste, honey-like aroma.
  5. The 1684 Red sinensis. (Pure Camelia sinensis) High grown. Fruity and sweet after taste.
  6. Roasted Black Tea (strong, musky black tea, suitable for milk tea only)
  7. Batavia Ruby Moon – Grown in farmers’ lands, light in taste and fruity aroma
  • Green Tea: 
  1. The 1684 Green sinensis (Pure Camelia sinensis) High grown. Green bean aroma and sweet after taste.
  2. Batavia Green sinensis – grown in farmers’ lands, light green bean aroma.
  • White Tea: 
  1. Silver Needle. Honey and slight fruity taste and aroma.
  2. Denpasar Moon. High prized and high grown. Refreshing leaves aroma and taste.
  3. Longevity Eyebrows – Chinese Shoumei grown in Indonesia.


  • Green Tea:
  1. Smoky Green Tea
  • Red Tea: Tie Guan Yin
  • Black Tea: Phu Erl 3 years old
  • Floral Tea:
  1. Jasmine
  2. Chrysanthemum


  • Oolong Tea: 
  1. Tong Ting Oolong
  2. Milky Oolong Tea


  • Green Tea:
  1. Sencha
  2. Genmaicha (Green Tea with Roasted Rice)
  3. Matcha


  • Classic Tea:
  1. Darjeeling
  2. Earl Grey
  3. English Breakfast
  • Herbal Tea :
  1. Camomile Tea
  2. Peppermint Tea
  3. Masala Spices Tea


  • Pure Camomile Flowers – 250 gr & 500 gr
  • Pure Lavender Flowers – 250 gr & 500 gr
  • Pure Osmanthus Flowers – 250 gr & 500 gr
  • Pure Peppermint Leaves – 250 gr & 500 gr
  • Pure Purple Rose Buds – 250 gr & 500 gr


  1. No.01 Minty Oolong (Pure Peppermint Leaves & Classic Oolong Tea)
  2. No. 02 Majesty Oolong (Classic Oolong Tea, Lavender Flowers & our secret blend)
  3. No. 03 Give-me-Rose (Black Tea with Rose petals)
  4. No. 05 Empress Oolong Tea  (Osmanthus Flowers & Classic Oolong Tea)
  5. No. 07 Empress Oolong Tea (Osmanthus Flowers & Goddess Tea)
  6. No. 10 Timeless Grey (Sweet Earl Grey)
  7. No. 15 Autumn Story (Black Rice + Lavender Flowers)
  8. No.25 The Konings Tea (Premium Indonesian Black Tea, Assorted Spices)


For free in-house tea tasting when you come and visit (tipping based) OR, paid-samples of 10 types @ Rp.50,000 (Greater Jakarta; outside Greater Jakarta + Rp.10,000. Price includes delivery), please email us at or Whatsapp: +62-81299139683 or Line: 1teahouse or 微信: thetstory.