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Winter Gift

Holiday Season is here. Our Ready to Order Tea Gifts are as follows:




Heritage Four Seasons Tea (Red) include: (1) Spring Japanese Sencha, (2) Summer Indonesia White Tea Denpasar Moon,  (3) Autumn Indian Darjeeling, and (4) Winter Phuer 3 Years Old. Rp.285,000 / box.

Heritage Indonesian Tea (Green) include: (1) Batavia Green Sinensis, (2) White Tea of Denpasar Moon, (4) Nawaruci Black Tea, and (4) Flowery Pekoe. Rp.250,000 / box

Each gift includes Winter Postcard.

You may also be able to choose your own 4 (four)  Preferred Teas from our menu. Price may vary depending on types of teas you choose.













This season we are collaborating with our partner (@girdiri) . Every tumbler purchase you may get free 1 box Single Origin Tea from Chinese Tea, Japanese Tea, Indonesian Tea, or Classic Tea such as Earl Grey, Darjeeling (*Favourite), or Indian Masala Chai, OR our newest Tea Blend No.21 of Winter Wonderland. Check our tea option on “Tea World” section.

Winter Wonderland is a blend of Red Tea, Mint Leaves, and Lemongrass – a perfect combination for this holiday season. Package as gift will be wrapped individually.

Choices of colours: White, Blue, Red, Orange, Turquoise, Black.

Each tumbler @ Rp.350,000. If you wish to choose any Tea Blend (other than No.21), additional Rp.15,000 is chargeable.


For further infomation, WA: +62-812.9913.9683 or Line: 1teahouse. Happy festive.