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Year End
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  • It is almost the end of Year 2020. With what has been going on throughout the year, let us cheer our self and your loved ones with our Tea Gifts.


    All of the choices are fixed; however, if you wish to customize your own gift, do not hesitate to contact us at 0812.9913.9683 or drop by to our Tea Boutique at: Jalan Bungur Besar Besar 17 No.7 B4, Gunung Sahari, Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat. (Search ‘Koningsplein Co.‘ on your google map / waze. Please RSVP prior visit.)


    1. Oriental Tea Gift Pack @ Rp.250,000.

    A box includes 20 Mini Tea Packs consist of 5 types of teas: Longevity Eyebrows ‘Shoumei’ White Tea 2 packs, Taiwan Tong Ting Oolong 3 packs, Thousands Miles Fragrant ‘Qian Li Xiang’ of Red Tea 6 packs, 3 Years Old of Puer Black Tea 5 packs, and Jasmine Green Tea 4 packs). Each pack can be infused 7-8 times per teapot or 2-3 times per mug.

    Wrapped with Christmas paperie and includes 1 piece of Winter Postcard. (If you wish to be wrapped using neutral paperie for different occasions, kindly let us know.)



















    2. Happy Christmas Gift @ Rp.250,000.

    A Blue Box includes 2 tincans of teas. Choices of teas that you may choose:

    – Tea Blends:

    (1) No.09 Midnite Owl (Black Tea, Camomile Flowers, Lavender); (2) No. 21 Winter Wonderland (Apple, Black Tea, Mint, Lemongrass); (3) No.23 Berry Christmas (Black Tea, Strawberry Pieces, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Pandan), No.24 Garden of Wishes (Green Tea, Ginger, Pandan, Camomile, Mint); No. 25 Konings Spices Tea.

    – Single Origin:

    The 1684 Red sinensis (Local high grown tea; fruity note); Indian Darjeeling; Nawaruci Black Tea (local grown; chocolatey note); Chinese Aged Puer 3 Years Old; Japanese Houjicha.

    Kindly state which teas of your preference. 1 box includes postcard. (Greeting Card is charge-able to Rp.15,000/piece)


















    3. Lucky 8 Tea / Coffee or Mix Variants Envelopes @ Rp.200,000.

    Choose whether you wish to have 8 Tea Envelopes / 8 Coffee Envelopes or mix 4-4 of Tea & Coffee Envelopes. We will arrange it personally for you.

































    4. Good Day Series @ Rp.150,000 / box; Rp. 225,000 / 2 boxes; or Rp. 375,ooo / 3 sets boxes. Each box includes small notebook and postcard.


    1. Midnite Dream: Black Tea, Camomile, Lavender;

    2. Morning Fantasy: Green Tea, Peppermint, Lemongrass;

    3. National Iced Day: Batavia All-Day Tea (pure single origin assamica Red Tea).

    All of these teas are suitable for warm enjoyment or iced refrement.









































    5. Bundle Set Rp. 250,000 – Rp.285,000 (Free Tea Strainer + Postcard + Rp.5,000 Legal Stamp)


    Rp. 250,000 Tea selections:
    – Herbal Tea: Mint Tea, Camomile Tea

    – White Tea: Silver Needle (honey note), Longevity Eyebrows 'Shoumei' (cotton candy note), Balinese Denpasar Moon (fruity n floral notes)

    – Red Tea: The 1684 Red sinensis (fruity, slight spicy), Batavia All-Day Tea (fruity), Indian Darjeeling, Earl Grey

    – Green Tea: The 1684 Green sinensis (green bean note), Sencha, Genmaicha


    Rp. 285,000 Tea selections:

    – Chinese Tea: Tong Ting Oolong, Tie Guan Yin, Puer 3 Years Old, Citrus Puer, Lapsang Souchong, Thousands Miles Fragrant, Jasmine Tea

    – Green Tea: Sencha Karigane, African Rooibos





















    6. Teapot Bundling Set Rp.350,000 (1 Teapot + 1 Tea in Bottle + 1 handmade cup) + 1pc Postcard + Rp.5,000 Legal Stamp

    Please be noted that Teapots & Cups may vary. We have more than 20 teapots design and 10 handmade cups to choose. If you wish to have no hassle, let us help you choose the perfect ones.

    However you may choose your own teas: Chinese Tea / Japanese Tea / Indonesian Tea. (*Tea Blends are not available for this set as teas with flowers / fruits is not suggested to use clay teapot)